Alcides, also known as DJ AL, is a respected DJ, with faithful followers who rely on his digger nose  and the musical taste free of style prejudices.

Active since the 90s, Alcides went through the mythical early rave movement (Xabregas) and followed the birth and growth of the Portuguese clubbing scene. Alcides is also a musician and producer, he has the project Slight Delay with Tiago Miranda and The Deal with the british Djd, a resident Dj at Lux Frágil (with Slight Delay),and with regular performances at Lounge and Damas. In addition to being a DJ with an infallible finger but not a member of any club (he crosses techno, house, disco, rock, soul, jazz and electronics without creating schizophrenia).

Past work:

Played at Rock in Rio Festival (PT), Sudoeste Festival (PT), Expo 98 (PT).

Shared the Stage with Buena Vista Social Club, Harvey, François Kevorkian, Joe Claussell,Danny Krivit,Lovefingers, Herbert, Joakim, Derrick may, Marshall Jefferson,Mr Fingers, A Guy Called Gerald, Luke Slater, Kenny Hawkes, David Alvarado, Gilles Peterson and Alex From Tokyo, among others.

Residences at Johnny Guitar (PT), Kremlin (PT) and Industria Club (Lisboa - PT).