Originally from Portugal, Anah is a Barcelona based DJ since over 14 years. She has been collecting and playing records for more than a decade, starting DJing in 2003 when she was living in London.


In 2004 Anah moved to Barcelona to start sound engendering and music production course at SAE institute. 2 years later she started to tour on a professional level playing many electronic music genres but mainly Drum and Bass.

Her DJ and selector skills have led her to have regular gigs in cities such as Barcelona, London, Lisbon, Madrid, New York, Paris, Porto. Prague, Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo...

Since 2016, Anah put her focus on digging and playing house and techno, mostly from the 90s and beginning 00s. In 2018, she started with the french artist TC80 (Cabaret Recordings, Sequalog) a new project called W O K E, a series of events around music and awareness.