Caroline Lethô, real name Carolina Mimoso, was shaped by Algarve's warmth, where she was born and raised. The simultaneously dense and light atmosphere of the South transpires to the music she makes and the music she chooses to play: her spiral of references has melody and depth as focal points of a free (but skilfully driven) journey through the most captivating corners of dance music.As one of the youngest composers and DJs of vanguard dance music operating from Lisbon, she represents a voice that urgently needs to be heard. Maybe through poetic justice, and definitely through work, she's now part to some of the most active platforms in the promotion of new perspectives: SONJA's Labareda, where Carolina released her track 'Give Peace a Chance', Extended Recrods, the label to which she contributed a track to its most recent compilation, AVNL where she released her first EP and Rádio Quântica, where she broadcasts her String Theory, from Lisbon to the world, every month.A DJ that is confident and adventurous beyond her years, she guides us with spot-on intuition between deep house and acid, disco and rock, EBM and IDM, UKGarage and some of the most creative techno out there. Sweat out your worries and use your head for one thing only: memorising her name.