Daniele Baldelli

The story of the Discotheque is shorter than you can imagine. If you go back to the late 70?s, when everything has begun, in Italy you can find a name: Daniele Baldelli.

When the word “DeeJay” didn’t exist, mixing and pre-listening neither, Baldelli found expedients to eliminate breaks between the tracks. He picked out untouchable records from abroad expanding his own music culture and bringing changes. From the public dance hall to the disco, from the smooch to the shake, from the orchestra to the deejay.

Daniele Baldelli was one of the main characters of the burst started with Baia Degli Angeli club that revealed a new way to think the Discotheque. When Cosmic’s turning point took place, he became a real landmark in Italian scene for those people who went massive to listen to his sound revolution.

With his passion, technical research and pioneer proofs, Baldelli has been a forerunner of the Dj’s figure.