There are many DJs whose musical narrative can easily be defined by basic qualities such as “versatile” or “eclectic”, but rarer are the cases in which these adjectives become obvious to the point of being rendered neutral, and Nepal is one of the best examples of the latter. 

His fearless approach and captivating personality, points of excellence of any of his sets alongside the irreprehensible and varied selection, are the propellers for this artistic identiy that escapes any limitation, be it conceptual or musical. This very posture is what took him to perform in many events throughout the country, , as diverse its proposal and as varied its public would be, always surpassing expectations and serving the basic need of all the attendees: to dance, crazy and inescapably. Moreover, his sensibility to distinct audiences and capacity to weave elaborate sonic plots are not restricted yo the dancefloor, and his selections are favored by many in the worlds of fashion, in and outside of the runways. Not only a complete DJ in all requisites that make that craft an artform, Nepal extrapolates concepts and defies classifications exactly because this is a mission that he accomplishes as a duty, but mainly because he undertakes with all possible pleasure.