Joao Maria

Already 19 years in the game, as a DJ, label and record store founder, Joao Maria made his name a respected one, by setting an example through leading instead of just following, trusting his musical vision and cherishing his independence. The results speak for themselves and prove him right. Besides being a regular fixture in Portuguese clubs like Gare Porto or Ministerium in Lisbon (where he is one of the residents and booker) and festivals like Super Bock Super Rock, Neo-Pop, Forte Festival and Lisboa Electronica, he’s become a frequent flyer to Berlin, by landing gigs at the highly regarded Club Der Visionaere, Hoppetosse, Salon Wilde Renate and playing at one of the hallmarks of the Berlin club scene, Katerholzig, right before it’s closing in 2013. The culmination of this steady ascent comes in the form of guest spots at tINI and The Gang parties.

Not happy with just playing his challenging blend of refined techno and house, he helps bring it out to the music addicts with the aforementioned vinyl-only Assemble Music label, where such minimal techno pioneers as Ricardo Villalobos, Baby Ford, Daze Maxim, Aubrey, Altitude, Activ-Analog, Norken and Wolfgang Voight (as Studio 1) have had releases, along with current movers like Vera, Edward, Hakim Murphy, Lerosa, STL, St. Joseph, Dan Andrei, Seuil, Robin Ordell, Vid Vai, Mike Shannon, Dorian Paic, Barbir, Nicola Kazimir, Martyné & Jacob and Voigtmann. Also, since the beginning of 2017 he has been running Ministerium Records, the club´s vinyl only label based in Lisbon. You don ?t make lasting and steady connections like these by accident. Joao Maria does it by setting the bar and then living up to the expectations.