John Player Special
John Player Special (a.k.a. João Gomes da Costa) was born in Lisbon in 1979, but spent his youth in Braga in the north of Portugal. In the past 20 years, John Player Special has built a dj career that spans practically all major clubs and music venues in Portugal, and has cemented his position as one of the most hard working and original dj's in the country.
In a digital age, he remained faithful to the analog days and his vinyl record collection is an impressive homage to the best soul, funk, hiphop and jazz of the 20th century. His journey through the vaults of the most creative and respected labels of the past is in part responsible for his sophisticated taste, that combined with his open mind and natural capacity of working a crowd, gives him the capacity to turn any event into a memorable dancing session, full of groovy surprises and contagious dance floor fever.
While usually in his sets one can enjoy a predominance of contemporary urban music ranging from breakbeat, hiphop and soul, John Player Special crosses freely through genres and epochs adding rhythms from the early rock'n'roll period, latin and afrobeat tracks, jazz and blues classics, obscure soundtrack shakers or Brazilian gems, creating the right balance to please the attending crowd.
Rock in Rio, Lux Frágil, Plano B, Casa Do Livro, Out jazz Festival, Pensão Amor, among many others, are some of the venues where John Player Special has hold residencies or played his sets. 
John Player Special has been involved in music production for several years, either in his own solo projects or with live bands. His first release was published earlier this year by the Portuguese record label 1980.