Markus Nikolai has music in his genes. Since his initial love affair with all sounds electronic in the early eighties, he has conquered DJing and the live performance, but it is the production realm of dance music in which he has made his most significant contributions. Markus learned several musical instruments from his grandfather, a conductor. Late eighties and beginning of nineties he released several records of new beat, acid, industrial, EBM music which was also used in Hollywood movies. In the mid-nineties, along with Zip and graphic artist Chris Rehberger, the trio founded the audio/visual project, Pile, an experiment in melding music, graphic design, philosophy, film and architecture. 1997, Markus and Zip launched their own imprint, Perlon. In 1999, the first SuPERLONgevity compilation was released; it featured “Bushes,” a track that has since garnered chart-topping remixes from the likes of Derrick Carter and Fatboy Slim. Markus also contributes to countless other projects, including Florida with Thomas Brinkmann, Darren with Chris Rehberger, Pico Rocco with Max Loderbauer from Sun Electric, Morane with composer and acoustic musician Theo Krieger and International Anything with Ole Schulte. A visionary in the most honest sense of the word, Markus has spent many years leading a kind of double life. Along with his sonic ventures, he is also an optometrist, currently owning two shops in Frankfurt. He continues to focus on both his business and his exploration of art, music and other creative outlets and to travel the globe diffusing his unique sound within all walks of life. Through touring his live performance, he is able to “present his own definition of house music.”