Nick Craddock

Nick Craddock is one of the UK’s most respected DJs, having been active since the late 90s. He grew up in the North of England, where he was first exposed to some of the country’s seminal techno nights. For almost 20 years, he’s mixed his way through various scenes and styles, always following his own path.

In 2000 he moved to London and immersed himself in the club scene, taking a job as a music PR for labels such as Tresor, Force Inc and Mille Plateaux. As his DJ profile developed, he scored early gigs at Plastic People and Fabric and held a number of DJ residencies throughout the 2000s. Most significantly, Nick connected with Lakuti and Portable’s well-loved Süd Electronic parties in 2003 and became a resident alongside Lakuti and Marco Shuttle – remaining a regular fixture at their parties until the demise of Süd in November 2011.