For several years now Pender Street Steppers (or “the Steppers” or sometimes just “PSS”) have been at the centre of Vancouver’s bustlin’ Pender Street music scene!


Their debut release was a cassette on Mood Hut, titled “Life in the Zone”, and is best described as 90 minutes of all original productions. The tape contains tracks that have since been committed to vinyl by North American labels like Washington DC’s legendary PPU and Vancouver’s Mood Hut Records. It might be important to mention at this point that PSS are an essential planet in the Mood Hut nebula, the imprint (and lifestyle) behind some absolutely wonderful records by Aquarian Foundation, Slow Riffs, House of Doors and of course Pender Street Steppers!


So what is like to go to a party with the Pender Street Steppers deejaying? When they are behind the turntables, the Steppers are celebrated across the region for their ability to instantly imbibe an atmosphere of love, sensuality and freedom. Not afraid to take you there, dancers can expect to hear anything from deep-dance to riviera-disco, jazz-funk to beat-street loonie bin house and as well as all the exclusive and unreleased material from the Canadian Riviera and beyond! Actually, if you aren’t too busy right now you can check out some of their mixes (as well as all the other interesting mixes from the Canadian Riviera) on their website Bookmark that site for later because it is updated frequently and often.