Roundhouse Kick is a project agent of change in the Algarve electronic dance scene. 

Pariahs in their commitment to freshness and the underground, the duo of producers and DJs, Adriana Lourinho (EDND) and Igor Inácio (Lost In Space) began collaborating in 2011. Their first live performance on PISTÃO night, curated by Miguel Sá and Marcio Matos, quickly grabbed the most demanding fans of electronic dance music, providing gigs that have taken them from south to north of the country, and have made them an assiduous presence in spaces such as Lux Frágil. In April 2013 they released their first EP on OEJ - label initiated by the Portuguese DJ and producer Marco Rodrigues, and home to artists such as Photonz, Violet, Pal +, Ursa's Reef, Lake Haze - and have since then been releasing in Paraíso, Extended Records, Folding Spaces, and I'm a Cliché by Cosmo Vitelli. Their tracks had the enthusiastic support of Jackmaster, Philip Sherburne, Daniel Avery, Skatebård, Axel Boman, JD TWITCH (Optimo), Justin Robertson, among others electronic dance musicians.

Fans of the new House and Techno mutations resulting from the reconnection with the raw roots and rhythmic matrix of Jack, Acid House and more Industrial textures, RHK creates an incredible party spirit, anchored in a free musical share, an irresistible sonic attack on our bodies and minds, perfect for the darkness and sweat of the clubs.